Almamoora Fiber Glass Factory Introduction

Al Mamoora Fiberglass Factory is a modern factory for manufacturing Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Glass Reinforced Vinyl (GRV) products, where manholes are manufactured for sewage lines, sewage systems, storm water drainage, water transmission and distribution, and lining of seawater intake and drainage lines. Along with many other applications as well. GRP and GRV products are manufactured in different designs and dimensions according to customer requirements. There is a variety of GRP / GRV products such as: water tanks, chemical tanks, manholes, inspection champers, collection champers, car shade, GRP planters, GRP shutter and decorative works .

Basic Materials

Fiber Glass

Glass fiber or fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent properties. It has the advantages of non-combustible, high temperature resistance, insulation, high tensile strength and good chemical stability. Due to the excellent properties of glass fiber, glass fiber products are widely used in various fields, such as petroleum, chemical, construction, environmental protection, aviation, and defense. Followed we will introduce the application of glass fiber products.

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GRP Chemicals Storage Tanks

Manufactured using the in-house hand held method by our trained professionals. DKM Industrial Storage Tanks are the perfect solution to your problems with containing highly corrosive chemicals. Each tank is custom designed and built to suit process requirements and manufactured using high quality GRP materials (glass, resin, catalysts, pigments, etc.). Available base options include flat and conical base, top options available include flat and conical top
Quality control plans and visual inspection are performed on a routine basis. Third party inspection can be arranged if needed. GRP Storage / Processing Cabinets also come with a standard ten year warranty

GRP Lining

Whether you need an emergency repair or are insulating or lining your buildings, we can help you.

GRP Manhole

Manholes are readily available for depths in excess of 10000mm and diameters up to 3200mm. Each manhole is designed to meet the structural requirements for the burial conditions specified. A wide variety of fiberglass manhole designs and accessories are available, for both new construction and manhole rehabilitation, to meet the specific needs of your project.

Have an Emergency?

Need help with a leaky or broken GRP tanks or GRP pipeline, we offer affordable emergency services just a phone call away.


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